A Purpose

I've had a variety of blogs throughout my life — ranging from an over-curated stream of pretty imagery on Tumblr, to a cringe-worthy teen confessional on Blogspot. Mark had a LiveJournal — but we'll leave that alone.

This one, though, will be different.
This blog is meant to explore the worlds in which our firm operates — and the things that bring us joy. Sometimes that will be project progress photos, and sometimes that may consist of a cocktail recipe we found and love — and a wide range of things in between.

We're going to try to be as transparent and honest as we can — because we value that in our lives, our practice and our relationships. You'll see sketches, rough drafts, failures, dreamy inspiration images (like the ones in this post), products we love or hate...

We're excited to open the doors to our process — so I'm sure we'll see you around.

P.S. — These images are from a listing at The Modern House — a 1960s house in London by Walter Segal, owned by the owner of the firm and his wife, Faye Toogood — hence the truly incredible interiors and the so-so-good Malgorzata Bany jesmonite stuff.
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